You’re right here!?

Hey you, living in your own world? Well you‚Äôre right here. ūüėČ But now – I would like to invite you to dip into my perspective for some lines. Who would not like to have a own planet? Creating something new without any constrictions, rules, or anything we‚Äôre used to. From time to time¬†dream about […]

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I greet you!

Hi all, Here is Mate from Hungary (no I’m not hungry) and I’ve recently enrolled to the Industrial Design course at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. During High school I felt myself really lucky, because of the opportunities to work on design projects with my father in my spare time. Thanks to that, I […]

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Hello to everybody,

It’s me, Georg, I am 19 years old and come from Germany, recently¬†finished highschool and now studying industrial design engeneering in the Hague. I am a ¬†logical thinking person, who likes to create and develop new things and it¬†¬†does not matter whether it is a product or a good idea. To be creative and innovative […]

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Here we are watotomages!

We’ve set this wonderful blog watotomages , which stands for children mages, for you in order to provide a channel where you can follow our hopefully super exciting¬†adventures. Just on our first week we have discovered more about each other/the course and our selected¬†beautiful foundation. the great cause¬†the Stahili¬†foundation is working towards , has made […]

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This is me, Abel Luna

Hey! I‚Äôm a recently graduated high school student from Luxembourg and now I’m recently enrolled student in THUAS. I was born in Luxembourg but I have a really strong spanish backgroud with both of my parents spanish, you could say that bicultural, I lived the spanish way at home (paella, toros, flamenco,…) and outside I […]

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Emilio Here!

I was born in Chiclana , Spain , middle class with all the opportunities to grow as a person and to try to have a bigger perspective rather than just my own. My passions are drawing , constructing , creating , watching all kind of talks of people i like and admire and of course […]

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