Storyboard and Cooperation – Week 6

We continued the active collaboration with InterHague team this week, what has been really efficient and motivating.

On Monday we could see the results of our work from the last week. As a first task, we discussed the results of our individual research of the last week, in the two research group, what we’ve been divided into. (Volunteering and raise funding), subsequently we put all of the information together and presented it to the other group. From this point we reunited into one community again and as a whole started to brainstorming together about what would be the best way to visually communicate our solutions. Thanks to Manda, who showed us a great inspirational video we’ve found the perfect style of our upcoming presentation for Stahili.

Here is the video, what all of us just love it, I hope you’ll like it, too

Afterwards when we’ve got an idea about the main concept of the visual communication style of our presentation, we created a draft of our storyboard by using sticky notes, and tried to figure it out the best order of the advises.

IMG_0235     IMG_0232

We’ve decided to classify the information of the video into 3 main group: Volunteering, fundraising, and online presence. The best way to present our ideas/solutions in the following order, we believe:

Volunteering, fundraising, online presence.

Volunteering has been put to the first place, because it is needed for most of our solutions as a base, in instance we need financial volunteering for fundraising or volunteering designers to improve publicity materials.

Here are a couple of pics about our brainstorming session of today with our storyboard:


I would like to share a few of our personal experiences and what we’ve learned from the past weeks, so far: 

In the past 6 weeks I learned many new things in this project. How teamwork goes well and sometimes when not. I think I learned most by seeing how productive our group can be, when everybody knows his task and keep in our schedule. From my last reflections, I have also seen that an good planning is the name of the game. For me the most interesting team blog was the one of SplitUnited. They have a very nice design and layout so for me as the role of tech steward it was a good inspiration.

-Georg, tech steward

During this last few weeks of project community i started with mixed feelings, i started having a secondary role in the group as the production manager,, my job was not really important, my task was to do research but i slowly got more and more importance, after the two groups got together i noticed that the team work changed for good and that gave me an extra boost of motivation

-Abel, production manager

What have I learned during project community? Well, being the Client services has been tough, trying to take an active role in the group being the face of my team many times and also with the foundation meetings. Has been challenging in two different ways: Firstly, trying to provide to my group with as much information as possible from the foundation from the questions that I got from them even if I had some technical issues recording the content. So basically I had to remember all the new information on the moment. Secondly, trying to focus the main goals into what our foundation is trying to complete rather than just going with our own idea of what we want to do, concerning our private interest rather than focusing on the full result for the foundation. I have learnt to work a little bit more productive in a group not try to do it all by myself which for me in normally the most comfortable approach , it was difficult for me to let others do their job since always I believe I can do it better , which in many cases it’s not true. Some people have more faculties than me and realizing that gives me some peace inside. Having talked with a real NGO makes me also realize about the real world, how a small foundation is struggling to succeed in such a basic concept but at the same time so difficult to achieve, something that we take for granted here in The Hague and many places elsewhere. Sharing ideas has been a big part of the process, getting them rejected and also agreeing on some ideas that were better for the project and group’s sake. So, what else could I ask for, I think that I could get a great insight after all this project, we will see.

-Emilio, Client Service

I’ve learned that, the group-work can be really difficult and stressful and easy, enjoyable as well, it really depends on us. At the beginning the group-works sometimes were stressful with a sort of brawls. But it was really useful, because we had to try out the different group sizes and set ups, and i can say the group works can work nicely and fluently, furthermore sometimes it’s just fun!  I’ve also learned how important is to be independent and to be prepared to all of our meetings and it’s not enough to follow the guide, because we have to customize the guide to fit to our situation. Finally I’ve realized we need to make the commands from ourselves, because we want to be open innovators, and I believe innovators haven’t got a complete guide how to build the future, they have to figure it out.

The blog of  InterHague team is the most inspiring one for me, because they are working on the same projects, therefore it’s really inspiring to see and understand a different approach to the same problem, but all of the blogs are contains a lot of valuable ideas and thoughtful way of seeing.

-Mate, documentarian


3 thoughts on “Storyboard and Cooperation – Week 6

  1. Great blog – I feel like in a few minutes read I was able to catch up a little bit with all of you and see the amazing progress from week 1.

    I can’t wait to see your final product. Is there a closer picture of the storyboard? It looks really interesting and I’d love to see it closer.


  2. I ust wanted to add the same as Nancy, but that seems redundant.
    So, just glad to see you all reflect on what you have learned during this project. We are almost there, but if you can – in any way – be able to see the many things you have all learned in such a short time, then I think you will remember this blog, this project, the ngo’s and teamwork, in a very usefull as well as thoughful and inspiring way. Week 7, fall break and then week 8 with the multimedia tips still coming, just make sure you are ready to record, draw, animate, film, photograph, whatever, in the week after the break. Then it should be crystal clear what the teams want to say together to your NGO.


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