Succesful division – Week 5 reflexion

As the title says the division of last week is working great, the fundraising group is researching methods to help the NGO, most of the solutions are online based projects and for that to happen the webpage of our foundation needs an upgrade, the rest of task were divided between the group members.

The other group, the volunteers, we had a lot of ideas of to help the foundation but we needed more information from the NGO to keep working and know if we are going in the right direction, to be sure of that, if we’re going the right direction, one of our members had a videoconference with Nancy and we updated her on our ideas and current state of the organization and obviously, to ask for advice.

So because we needed some information to keep working we also arranged a meeting with one the volunteers on Tuesday to see if she could provide us the information that we needed and maybe get inspiration for new ideas to help the organization, from that meeting we got a lot of useful information, we asked about their website and they thought it needed an update, her answer was that yes but they didn’t have time to think about things to improve their website and they lacked the skills to do it and the same happened with the flyers, they thought about doing them to be known because they’re still a small organization, those two things became our objectives, improve their website and flyers. Another one of their problems is that they have a lot of work per person and an idea we had to solve that was to research and try to find a platform where they can assign small tasks to volunteers so it’s kind of a relief valve for them because now they don’t have much time, not even to organize events so we thought also about long-term volunteers whose only task is to organize events and focus on spreading the message of Stahili foundation.


This is a little diagram of what we discussed on monday.

Also, Today (30/09/2015) there is an event to raise funds so feel free come!


4 thoughts on “Succesful division – Week 5 reflexion

  1. This week you see how important the team work and deviding the task is. In our subgroups we can work more efficient. So now we can enforce our work on the subgoals better, because everybody has only 2 or 3 topics, he have to deal with

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    1. Yes I’ve the same expression about the effectiveness of our team work so far. And the other great thing about the dividing is, the fresh relations, positions of the people in the subgroups, so the overall work in the group is getting more diversified, I believe.

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