During this week Nancy guided our group on their concerns about the group organization and how to tackle those issues to make a more successful group work .Our most important part was to create tasks outside of the portfolio, deadlines and real interest for the foundation purpose and be more conscious about it.


After last Sunday’s meeting with Michelle (CEO) we obtained great insight in some issues of  the foundation on how to grow.  We talked in our last meeting, about what was more necessary for their foundation & regarding how we could contribute. RAISE AWARENESS! , they need help with graphic design and how to encourage and engage students into the foundation matters, For instance: Digital Postcards, attractive vouchers or briefs that will catch the attention of people about Stahili . Also another idea was to ask previous volunteers who have already work with the foundation about their actual work , how they contributed with  the foundation.


During the school we expressed their needs and everyone was excited with the idea of helping with the design of the NGO , still , other areas of work needed to be addressed and taken care of or at least , invest time in. How can we improve their Fundraising and Volunteer techniques with new technology? What Is their situation right now? , where do they need to focus in reality to obtain the best results with their work? And hopefully in the future, with our work. Dividing the groups into two main teams FUNDRAISING AND VOLUNTEERING we established the first premise to research how to take advantage of nowadays technology also getting in contact with volunteers from the foundation to get more insight.

Also , our Production managers have started to work towards the final presentation video.

Based on the spidergraph model, we show YOU their actual situation with use of technology, so as the ideal model for them.


On a more friendy note , we recently got some pictures of some of the children that are in Kenya right now supported by this incredible foundation , I thought that it would be a good idea to share with you some of their smiley faces , Enjoy 🙂JoyceLala Salama ,




  1. Clever visual with your spidergram. Big smile. I love the progress you are making and the insights you are surfacing. Just one thing to make sure is “on your radar screen.” Tap into online communities and networks to learn and get ideas from them. You don’t need to rely JUST on your own ideas. Your ideas may be your ultimate choice, but let the world help you think together for your client, ok? I love the kid pictures too. They energize me!

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    1. Hi Nancy , thanks for the feedback , we have been this week looking into it , for our goals we researched in many different NGO’s and getting some inspiration. So far we have shared some tasks and there are some ideas that needed some strearing but we are getting closer.

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  2. Great idea sharing the pictures here!
    It would be interesting to read some explanation to you Spidergram, because although our group work almost always together and we seem to agree on everything, our spidergrams look very different. For instance, why do you rate meetings so low?


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