Impression week 2

In the last week we have already set our roles, so everybody knows about their tasks.
Sandra, our Team Leader has explained the challenges and the main objectives that we aim to achieve this week. Me, the technical steward has set up our wordpress online blog and everybody has wrote his first introducing post. This Monday our Client Service, Emilio, conducted an interview with our contact person of the Stahili Foundation. A reflection of this Interview is uploaded. At this point he could figure out useful informations, opportunities and possibilities for our project. During the whole project work our documentarian Mate was taking photos and (written-) notes and visualized our task in charts. The production manager, Abel, has researched different information about other NGO´s, which will give us insight on different types of working with this theme.

We have found out, that meeting every Tuesday afternoon is a good decision, because we are meeting Mondays in school and the deadline for every week’s assignments is on Wednesday. So if we meet Tuesdays, we can discuss and fairly divide our tasks. Afterwards we work on them at home. When we are meeting on the next day again, we will just conclude and talk about our tasks, finish the reflecting post and finally load everything up.

Reflecting last week, we have learned about our sweet spot. It was lots of fun because we created a sweet spot model of our community with our team’s strengths. Therefor we looked on our passions, gifts and purposes. This is our Sweet Spot:

(click to maximize)
(click to maximize)

We also spoke about our vision of an ideal project group. Thereby were some differences visible. First of all we talked about the group size. For us the ideal group size should be between 3 and 8 people. Also we were unanimous that there has to be different roles in the group. We agreed to the roles:
-executive people, translating ideas into reality (constructors, logical way of thinking)

-creative folks

-managers, good communicators

Our first short term goal is to get more attention to people for a crowdfunding event organized by our NGO. It’s on the 30th September right here in The Hague!
We’re really looking forward to the event

Here is a link


3 thoughts on “Impression week 2

  1. I find it great that you guys are willing to help our NGO with their crowdfunding event on 30th of September, while working on a bigger project. I think you might gain useful knowledge from this work and maybe have a clearer picture on what will be your final proposal to the Foundation.


  2. Hej Georg, while working in the same room as you as well as reading it on your post, I am really impressed how fast you got a structure in your team and how well you are organized. I like the idea of having a “midterm meeting” between Monday and Wednesday to get better on with your task as well as to be better prepared for Wednesday when we meet all together. We, as a team, adapted your time schedule and from now on we have also a additional team meeting on Tuesday which will contribute to our common work. So I am looking forward to getting to great results with you and your team!


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