Geting to know Stahili Foundation & What’s next?

Last Monday our group spoke with Michell Oliel , one of the co-founders of Stahili foundation , for half an hour  and we got some more insight on the foundation and how it works.

Regarding FUNDS , so far they have had a mouth to mouth strategy , reaching to friends and family to collect money as well as some other people from around the world. Since they are a small foundation they haven´t reached a huge amount of funds. Normally a kid needs around 3000$/4000$ for the whole education, since quality school is not cheap in Kenya as well as sports gear , house needs and all the things that a normal student would need to go to school. the older they get the more expensive they are. last year they raised around 40.000$.

Any volunteer from Europe will be welcome to participate in the program since it’s a lot of work and always extra hands will be needed.If we want to look for volunteers for Kenya they have to be trained professionals such as teachers , doctors , physiologists , nanny …etc. so basically the children can get the best education possible.

They post on their Facebook almost every day with some things that happen daily , some insight about what is actually happening over there , but their publicity is not well spread , ( twitter , instagram or any other source ) as said before their graphic design is pretty bad.

From our cooperation they are expecting any help possible , from raising funds , to improving their graphic design and publicity to make the volunteer base bigger. Our documetarian made this graph to visualise it:

needs of ngo

Lala Salama ,

Emilio L


4 thoughts on “Geting to know Stahili Foundation & What’s next?

  1. Hej Emilio, it’s very interesting to get information and read blogs of the same subject but from differents persons, especially how they attach different weight to the diverse needs. You said “their graphic design is pretty bad” – could you give me some examples or tell me more about it? Because if have a look at their website, it seem pretty good to me for the possibilites they have at the moment.


    1. The graphic design its not the actual website of the foundation , our NGO CEO made a design for the facebook page and for events and she said that she might need help for getting a more atractive design of a logo and such as the events pages and things like that. The foundation s webiste looks pretty good 🙂


  2. Hey Watotomages! Thats a good summary of the challenges and I particularly like that you not only describe the desired outcomes of the project, but also some of the current problems they face for each challenge. This will help you in getting started for idea generation.
    Speaking of ideas, now that you have a better idea of the challenges you NGO is facing, do you already have some first ideas? And what will be your approach to tackle all of these? Some clear goal setting and smart planning really is required here! Maybe a good topic to discuss in Monday’s class.
    (Small tip for the readability of a information dense piece like this, it sometimes helps the reader if you use paragraph titles or words in written in bold, or bullet points. They can (later) re-read only those bold words/bullets/titles (helps to gain overview).

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s class!


    1. Hello Marjenne Thanks for the comment, after speaking with today´s NGO CEO Michelle Oliell , we have some first ideas of where we should focus:

      Graphic design of physical publicity and extra items to atract possible volunteers or sponsors as well as doners , which is basic for promotion and catching attention of the people.
      Questioneers for The International Hague School who are involved in the foundation what do they think is more atractive for their audience and how to make the information easier and more accesable for them to understand.

      PS: Thanks for the tips , we will keep up with the work.

      Lala Salama ,



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