You’re right here!?

Hey you, living in your own world? Well you’re right here. 😉
But now – I would like to invite you to dip into my perspective for some lines.

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Who would not like to have a own planet? Creating something new without any constrictions, rules, or anything we’re used to. From time to time dream about my planet  – both day and night. The first thing on my planet that would be different, night would be day. I’m more a daydreamer and night-thinker – preferably going to bed at 5 a.m. though.
My planet would be full of books and enough time to read all of them and to know everything what is possible to know – full understanding of everything. Wisdom? Besides having all time to read that I need, there would be even more time for my “little projects”, that could be everything with including stuff like tinker, drag, varnishing, constructing, sawing, synthezise  – it might happen that something more or less useful will be created.
But sometimes it is nice to leave my planet and walk around the universe. Curiosity feels like love to me, I just like to understand how things work even when it is just a thesis, it might be possible. (So I guess my Superpower is curiosity)
So enough from my planet, back to reality.
I forget a lot of things regarding my daily organisation, but unfortunately I never forget to be critical and always try to explain everything logically – even when there is no logic.
I love to get a different perspectives, so enough from me, get ready to talk about something else!
What about you or?
Nature, food and cooking, neuroscience, technology, chemistry, social science, ethics, photography,your travel stories, books, music, film, perhaps design. (I know list are boring, but I like them) 
Maybe you still want to know where I was born and raised?
Let’s do a quiz, we all do it, even when we do not like to do so – stereotyping.

Here some stereotypes of the country where I was born and raised.

  • eating Sauerkraut
  • crazy smashed-together words
  • love rules, organisation, structure
  • direct
  • punctual
  • distant
  • well-insured
  • know how to bake bread
Enjoy the time.
You may make the world a little better with this project.  

fry project

P.S. I’ve got no idea why everything is in capital letters.


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