This is me, Abel Luna


11998335_10203389811386533_1293359415_nI’m a recently graduated high school student from Luxembourg and now I’m recently enrolled student in THUAS. I was born in Luxembourg but I have a really strong spanish backgroud with both of my parents spanish, you could say that bicultural, I lived the spanish way at home (paella, toros, flamenco,…) and outside I was another Luxembourgish, I have such a mess with languages that if you talk with me you’ll probably hear random words in french.

Because I’m young age I lack experience but I try to make up for it by being motivated, I know I still have to learn tons of things, not only in school but in life in general. I’ve been waiting to start studying industrial design since my young teenage years, it all came because in the summers I would go to my cousin’s house and I would see all the sketches on the table and on the walls, since that I’ve interested in things related to design and how things work, I’m also interested in music, specially hip hop and rap and another thing that I’m interested in is sports in general, specially basketball but you can start talking with me about whatever sport that I would be immediately  interested in what you’re saying, actually I’m in interested in everything, you just have mention something that I would probably ask about it later, maybe that’s why it’s easy to talk with me.

About my superpower, since I’m a little kid I can levitate objects with my mind (as long as people are not watching) it’s a really difficoult superpower to prove that you have, trust me, I’ve tried (and failed), that’s how I discovered my other superpower and my other superpower is that if I’m interested in something is imposible to demotivate me, when I start something it will end up finished (with it’s ups and downs along the way)



5 thoughts on “This is me, Abel Luna

  1. Whats your name? Like your enthusiasm and your realistic views, but whats your name ? Read the post 3 times – no mention 😀 Anyway would like to see you levitate stuff – thats an awesome superpower.


    1. Thanks for your comment, I can’t belive that I forgot to mantion something so basic. About the superpower, when ever you want but you can’t look, It ruins the magic 😉


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