Impression week 1

Our NGO’s name is Stahili Foundation based in Kenya a country from the horn of East Africa surrounded by countries like Ethiopia , Uganda , Tanzania and Somalia.
Its one of the biggest developing economies in that part of Africa and all help to make it a sustainable/free country were watoto (children) can go safely and educated is in the best of my interests.

The main focus of this organization is :

-Protection from exploitation, cruelty, and abuse.
-Education through post-secondary school.
-Access to medical and psychosocial support.
-Food, clothing, and hygiene needs.
-Encouragement and Mentorship.

All of this “priviligies” are things that we take for granted in our comfortable european countries , learning about this organization has given me insight in many issues that somehow were completely oblivious to me. The main thing that i am looking forward is to talk to the actual group of people who are working all the way in kenya for this next generation to prosper
Having already experienced the envirioment of the country ( November 2014 ) as a volunteer and also having the role of Client Service, I think that i will be able to connect with their thoughts in a level greater than just a superficial work at school , which is what its making me most excited and interested about.

Hoping to start working and participating with out Rafikis (friends) in Kenya.

Lala Salama ( thank you very much)

Emilio L


3 thoughts on “Impression week 1

  1. Nice one, Emilio! =)
    I really like it that you emphasized the main focuses of the Foundation – it clearly gives an insight into what they are actually doing.
    Also, it was real joy working with you this week on the questions for our NGO.
    You had pretty awesome ideas today on how to use your personal knowledge of the country to battle the challenges that Stahili Foundation is struggling with.
    I have no doubt that following weeks will be great!

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  2. Wow!, you have some first hand experience of your own. It’ll be interesting to see how you interpret and tackle the challenges The Stajhili Foundation are facing. I’m looking forward to read more about it.
    Kazi nzuri! (Good job!)

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  3. Hej Emilio, lucky coincidence that our group got you – a person who’s got personal experience at the scene! You seem really motivated and enthusiastic about the project as well as about our client, the Stahili Foundation, and I am convinced that the whole group will profit from your mood! Looking forward to our next meeting!

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