I greet you!


Hi all,

Here is Mate from Hungary (no I’m not hungry) and I’ve recently enrolled to the Industrial Design course at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

During High school I felt myself really lucky, because of the opportunities to work on design projects with my father in my spare time. Thanks to that, I have some experience about working with stainless steel, vector drawings (CorelDraw) 3D planning (solidworks). My super power is my precision and persistent skills, what I’ve gained in my childhood by drawing, furthermore I’ve worked as a gsm technician, which required a lot of patient, because of the tiny screws and parts. I am also really self critical and it helps me, I believe, to be more responsible in project works and get to know myself more and more.

I’m the documentarian for my team and I will be making sure all of the amazing work that we do in our group is available on our cool blog.




2 thoughts on “I greet you!

  1. Hi Mate! As long as you document all things and find a way to work together with others while sleeping, you’ve got my vote for sleeping in class. Better yet, what if we dream up some new things in class together and act upon it?!

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    1. Hi Marjanne,
      Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, but unfortunately I haven’t find a good meme about dreaming up things together, if I would have to choose, I’d definitely go for dreaming together. 🙂


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