Here we are watotomages!

We’ve set this wonderful blog watotomages , which stands for children mages, for you in order to provide a channel where you can follow our hopefully super exciting adventures.

Just on our first week we have discovered more about each other/the course and our selected beautiful foundation. the great cause the Stahili foundation is working towards , has made us realise how important the next generation is.We will do our best to provide all the support, collaboration, funds that the foundation deserves with our hard work during this course.

Our chosen community is based on providing the best for the next generation of children in Kenya who have been mistreated or didn’t had the opportunities that we all from this group have enjoyed and still enjoy today , that has to change , and we are here to help.With their values of Family and Comunity , Education ,Sustainable development ,Human Rights and Transparency we will dig deeper into what a real project consists of and gain experience in a real world issue such as this one apart from more respect for those who work in NGOs.
We are a group composed by:
Our team leader, she will be guiding, coaching us when we feel lost in our quest , with her german skills to provide us with the best and most ideal way to make it work.
Our tech steward, who with his dedication will be able to make use of the best of his qualities.
 our production manager with his sense of his imagination, positive feeling will bring force to our spirits and mind.
  Our client services, with his passion, will try to look with his best interest to provide ways of answering your questions, requirements, to forward the process and to inform the team of all of it.
Mate Sandor
our documentarian to post and document everything that will happen during the process to this blog.
Lets start this!
what if
Lala salama (thank you very much)
team MAGES

One thought on “Here we are watotomages!

  1. Hey Mages – great idea to do an overview post on your team. Have you shared this with your client? I can imagine if I were your client, I’d appreciate this summary as I may not have time to read ALL of the posts. Or that this summary post would entice me to read more. 😉

    How did you decide to make this post? How did it help you form as a team?


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