Emilio Here!


I was born in Chiclana , Spain , middle class with all the opportunities to grow as a person and to try to have a bigger perspective rather than just my own. My passions are drawing , constructing , creating , watching all kind of talks of people i like and admire and of course I am a great fan of science fiction books , someday they will all turn into reality.

From a very young age being a volunteer and work with communities was inside my DNA, try to make something for the greater good with the tools like : passion , commitment & creativity for the subject.

I have always been trained as a free spirit with a focus on Innovating , Helping and interacting with as much people as possible reaching all the potential that i have into a possible successful result.

qsamdI believe that my superpower is my openness to all kind of cultures and places. I think of myself as a brother of the people of my generation and a son of my mentors. I am the one who always wants to raise their hand , the first to expose his project and who gets very excited when the goal has been reached and celebrates with everyone , as a Client services or spokes person i think i will be good at my role.

I have been working with some social and medical communities like:

-Youth Centre Cork based on the integration and entertainment of young people who live and study in Cork City Council ( Ireland ).

-Amma Resonance Healing Foundation, focus on spreading the world about Homeopathic medicine in the East Coast of Kenya , Tanganyika Lake and Nairobi Aerea.

I hope this helps you guys to get to know me a little bit better in a way and as a productive part of this unquestionably great opportunity  that we all have in our hands.

And as always :



Emilio Lara Fernandez


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