Hello to everybody,

It’s me, Georg, I am 19 years old and come from Germany, recently finished highschool and now studying industrial design engeneering in the Hague.
I am a  logical thinking person, who likes to create and develop new things and it  does not matter whether it is a product or a good idea.
To be creative and innovative is one of my favorite activities, next to meeting friends, playing chess or doing some sports.

Before the project community subject I have gathered experiment through various projects I did in my free time. For example;
– Organizing a chess tournaments
– working as a webmaster for an chess association

Those projects brought me a lot of fun wherefore I am really looking forward to cooperate with our NGO, the Stahili Foundation. The mission of the Stahili Foundation, to give children a future, is a personal motivator for myself and the work I will do.

I hope i can really help this people  with completing their visions and i look forward to a successful, sustainable project

you can find me on:

Kindly regards,


My role within the group is the technical steward



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