Impression week 2

In the last week we have already set our roles, so everybody knows about their tasks. Sandra, our Team Leader has explained the challenges and the main objectives that we aim to achieve this week. Me, the technical steward has set up our wordpress online blog and everybody has wrote his first introducing post. This […]

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Impression week 1

Our NGO’s name is Stahili Foundation based in Kenya a country from the horn of East Africa surrounded by countries like Ethiopia , Uganda , Tanzania and Somalia. Its one of the biggest developing economies in that part of Africa and all help to make it a sustainable/free country were watoto (children) can go safely […]

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You’re right here!?

Hey you, living in your own world? Well you’re right here. 😉 But now – I would like to invite you to dip into my perspective for some lines. Who would not like to have a own planet? Creating something new without any constrictions, rules, or anything we’re used to. From time to time dream about […]

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I greet you!

Hi all, Here is Mate from Hungary (no I’m not hungry) and I’ve recently enrolled to the Industrial Design course at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. During High school I felt myself really lucky, because of the opportunities to work on design projects with my father in my spare time. Thanks to that, I […]

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